And what to do instead

Don’t use surveys.

Please. Your goal as a founder is to learn. Learning in the most efficient way possible means balancing learning deeply and moving quickly. Surveys achieve neither.

It sounds like a small effort: create a survey, send it out. But it takes more time and effort…

Trying to explain my mental frameworks to others

Johnny Carson once told Steve Martin: “You will use everything you know.” In his book Born Standing Up, Steve Martin details how this came true throughout his career. One example is that he learned rope lasso tricks while working at Disneyland as a teenager, and performed them in ¡Three Amigos…

An imagined conversation with my Dad

“It’s all bullshit. I refuse to change my behaviour. I had three restaurant meals last week and the places were full.”

OK, interesting. In project management there’s a thing we do called a risk assessment. Can we do a thought experiment here?

Let’s say you were infected with SARS-CoV-2. You’re…

Pete Lead

I work with startups, teach entrepreneurship, and freelance in improv and leadership coaching.

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