A review of Bondi Beach, written by Henry the Shark

Pete Lead
4 min readSep 29, 2019

Many years ago I ran an open-mic variety show, which brought together comedians, musicians, poets, magicians, storytellers and more and challenged them to take risks and do something new/different.

Our motto for the show was: You have permission to be awesome and the complete freedom to fail.

Photo by Eugene Chystiakov on Unsplash

We’d usually finish the show with an improv comedy set, and we would subconsciously incorporate themes or elements from the night. It was a lot of fun and a great opportunity to push ourselves as writers, performers and MCs.

You can hear some performances on the Arthur B’s podcast.

For a while we had themed shows with writing challenges. Something today reminded me of this story I wrote in October 2013 in response to the writing prompts: a) set a scene underwater and b) have someone face a deadline.

A review of Bondi Beach, written by Henry the Shark

Bondi Beach sits in the middle of a coastal strip known as the golden sands. The water is warm, and regular currents flow from the north and south to get you there easily, though perhaps making it too easy to skip some of the less-popular spots nearby. Bondi is famous for its varied wildlife which come out in schools from November to March, though some of the more daring shallow-swimmers can see them year-round.

With so much going on, there is one simple rule: Don’t eat the wildlife.

Every so often some idiot thinks he’s above the rules and the debate rages on again on talkback radio.

(No no no. Delete delete.)

Worth the hype if you don’t mind the crowds. A great place to visit with friends or a loved-one; not much fun for a lone shark. Three starfish.

Henry stopped, rubbed his nose on the sand. What am I doing? he thought. The Swimmy Morning Herald — SMH, as it was now ‘branded’ — might not have standards anymore but I do. Well, he liked to think he did.

Henry sighed, bubbles tickling his stomach as they bounced up his body on their journey to the surface. Online publishing forced his deadlines shorter and his headlines…

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