Things to eat and see in Melbourne (March 2020)

A long weekend spent mostly revisiting old favourites.

Pronounced “murk”, they specialise in interesting ways to serve chocolate, including the Campfire Hot Chocolate which is served as smoke in a glass, to which you add your hot chocolate, salt, and stir it up with a marshmallow.

When we first went there they put a vanilla pod in their bottle of fizzy water, and it made the water beautifully aromatic and tasty. Unfortunately they don’t do that anymore, but it’s a great trick for home.

In a foodie neighbourhood on Little Bourke St. We were recommended Tipo 00 a few years ago and it was amazing. Since then they have opened a sister restaurant a few doors up. Both are amazing. Everything we tried here was superb, and I highly recommend the montepulciano if you like dry red wine.

Beef tagliatelle, duck gnocchi, and rabbit tagliatelle.

Set in a tastefully-converted warehouse in an area that feels fairly industrial. We came here a few years ago and were captivated by their delightfully-different menu. We came back to much the same approach, ordering a salmon brioche and warm green salad. Both were delicious.

We went back again for the overnight oats, which next time we’d share between 2.

Last time we discovered the Fitzroy home of this Asian Fusion restaurant it blew us away. This time there was a CBD location just around the corner from us, with a different menu. Everything was good; only the duck salad was amazing. We had a bit of food envy when we saw what other tables had, so I think we ordered poorly.

The cocktails were kind of sweet, which is not to our taste.

A new find. Awesome staff and hearty pub food. Also a good wine list and extensive beer menu. Recommended.

A long trek to get here, and not a very picturesque one. Very interesting menu and we sat at the window to spy on the dogs at the outdoor tables. I wouldn’t go all the way out there again just for breakfast, but it didn’t look like there was much else in the immediate area.

We found the HQ of one of Melbourne’s secret societies, Friends of Dean
Sculptures in the art gallery garden
Street art
Poppies in the Botanic Gardens

Excellent. We paid top dollar for front-row balcony seats, and they were perfect. If you love the stories you’ll love the play. Book an early dinner between the two shows.

A full moon reflected off the ocean as we flew over Sydney on our way home. Google’s Pixel phone cameras (and onboard processing) are bloody amazing.

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