How we learn to learn has a big impact on success

Trying to explain my mental frameworks to others

Watching a comedy giant before he was great is like seeing a startup’s first pitch

Premise + Promise

Will’s third bit is the Get Off The Shed guy. He introduces the sketch as “This is Dutch Litchford. And we’re at an outdoor barbecue.” The premise is revealed pretty soon after that.

Is inaction better than action if either outcome will cause harm?

A cute little robot figurine.
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A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

The bit about inaction is relevant. Because of the First Law robots are compelled to prevent harm…

And comparison with a pre-COVID cohort

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Untangling knots in the IRD number application process

Can Australian citizens buy a house in New Zealand? Yes

The NZ government has…

While selling a house, moving, working two jobs, and the world collapsed

I did it!

14 ways comics make money in the old and new worlds

Part 1: Traditional standup comic business models

The traditional business model of standup comedy often evolves over time as the comic’s value proposition strengthens.

1. Pay-to-play

When they’re just starting out, the standup comic…

An imagined conversation with my Dad

Photo by Quentin Dr on Unsplash

1. How severe would the consequences be if you infected someone else?

“But it’s all bullshit. I’ve been around other people and I’m not sick.”

Mörk Chocolate Cafe, North Melbourne

Pronounced “murk”, they specialise in interesting ways to serve chocolate, including the Campfire Hot Chocolate which is served as smoke in a glass, to which you add your hot chocolate, salt, and stir it up with a marshmallow.

Pete Lead

I work with startups, teach entrepreneurship, and freelance in improv and leadership coaching.

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